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Registration on the Website

1. Website is a website that has an address on the Internet http://www.myterneo.com/, and belongs to the Owner - "DS Electronics" LLC, located at the address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Pivnichno-Syretska str., 1-3. "DS Electronics" LLC is also the Administrator of this Website.
2. The User is an individual, a resident of Ukraine, who has reached the age of 18, is fully capable and uses the Website (has viewed at least one page of the Website) or its separate tools (registration, ordering, etc.). The User agrees to these Rules and undertakes to comply with the requirements specified in them.
3. Goods are products, devices, components, other material objects, as well as services, information about which is on the Website, and which are available for purchase.
4. Offer is an information specified on the Website, which refers to the features and characteristics of the Goods, its price (including promotional), terms of delivery, as well as other conditions for the purchase of such Goods.

Parties to which these rules apply: User, Customer.

Use of information and materials of the Website

All information published on the Website by the Administration belongs to the Owner of the Website and is protected in accordance with the current legislation. The Administration allows you to download and use all materials of the Website for non-commercial purposes, subject to the preservation of all information about copyright and other ownership of such materials, as well as to distribute and demonstrate them for non-commercial purposes. Commercial use of all materials shall be carried out with the written permission of the Administration.

The User is forbidden to use specific software for automatic collection of information, as well as interaction with the services of the Website or influence on its operability.

All brand names used on the website are registered in accordance with applicable law. Trademark registration information on the Website is not marked with "™" and "®" signs.


The Administration shall in no case be liable for losses incurred by the User or third parties (including, but not limited to losses from loss of profit, income, information, data or interruption of business activity, as well as moral damages) arising from the use, inability to use or consequences (results) of the use of the Website.

Information on the website is presented to the User on the principle "as it is", without any guarantees. The Administration is not responsible for the completeness of the placement of information about the Goods and Offers. All information on the Website is dynamically variable. The Administration has the right to unilaterally change the content of the Website. The Terms of use of the Website, as well as the Confidentiality Agreement, may be changed without notification of the user, and such changes will be reflected in the new versions of the Terms of Use of the Website and the Confidentiality Agreement.