Confidentiality Agreement

The definitions of terms used in this Agreement are the same as in the Terms of use of the website.

Proceeding of use of the website, execution of the registration procedure of the account, as well as use of other functionality of the website by the User means automatic agreement with the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement and the Terms of use of the website.

The Administration is not reliable for losses (including, but not limited to, losses from loss of profit, income, information, data or interruption of business activity, as well as moral damages) resulting from the use, inability of usage or consequences from the use of the webite.

All terms of the Confidentiality Agreement may be changed unilaterally by the Website Administration without notification of the User.

Types and sources of information

All information collected about the User may be personalized or non-personalized. Personalized information includes those data that is directly related to or associated with the User, and by which the User can be identified. Non-personalized information is a collection of data that is collected about the User without binding to a particular person.

The information may be public and confidential. Public information includes data that the User voluntarily provided for the possibility of public access, as well as that can be obtained from freely available sources. Public information can be seen by other Users and the Administration. Confidential information is encrypted on the servers of the Website and is available only to the Administration. Information about bank cards used to pay for the cost of the Goods on the Website is encrypted, but the Administration does not have access to it, and it is transmitted by secure channels directly to the banking system.

Sources of information about the User:

- User's correspondence with the Administration through the functionality of the Website or email;
- information provided by the User during registration, as well as filling out other forms related to delivery, organization of promotional offers, comments, reviews, etc.;
- technical information about the User's Internet service provider, the User's IP address, the characteristics of a PC, laptop, smartphone or other device with which the User uses the functionality of the Website, data on downloading or unloading information, as well as other types of technical data;
- information about which Goods the User prefers, obtained as a result of the User's viewing of the corresponding pages with the Goods, the use of wish lists, comparisons, etc.;
- data from social networks profiles, if the User uses them to log into his personal account or published comments or reviews. The Website Administration may use social media profile data such as first name, last name, email address, date of birth and photo.

Purpose of processing information about the User

The purpose of processing information about the User is to ensure the implementation of civil law relations, provision or receipt, as well as settlements for purchased Goods in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Law "On Protection of Personal Data", other regulatory acts operating on the territory of Ukraine.

Security using the Website

The Administration uses modern technologies to ensure data privacy, as well as their storage.

After completing the registration procedure, the User is able to use the personal account, to log in to which the username and password specified by the User are used. The User is responsible for storing his own login and password. The Administration strongly advises not to transfer your login and password, as well as other information related to the account, to third parties. Any actions performed after entering the User's personal account will be considered to have been performed by the User.

Collection, processing, usage and storage of public and confidential, personalized and non-personalized information about the User is carried out by the Administration in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.